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SSO & Security

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As you and your team progress, you’ll want to make sure that you keep team members from support, product and sales informed. As you near your go live date, these stakeholders can provide you critical feedback to help drive adoption. Each stakeholder is going to have different requirements of your MindTouch site. Support agents, will typically search, rate and read content that is issue related so they’ll need content this is short, effective and thoroughly tagged.  

Sales reps and sales engineers will typically search, rate and share content that is rich, technically detailed and possibly competition sensitive. You’ll need to provide your sales team with content that is rich, searchable and properly secured. Your product team will typically share, request and contribute rich content. You’ll need to provide your product team with content that is instructional and guided. Material such as how-tos, references and guides is suited quite well for a product team. Read our best practices on structuring your content to support company wide usage.

What do I need to do next?

Your third implementation milestone focuses on promoting your project internally, completing single sign-on and configuring search. The following tasks should be completed for your third milestone:

  1. Articles – You should have at least 80 to 100 articles created in or copied to your MindTouch site.
  2. Search recommendations  You should create at least 25 search recommendations to help guide users to the right content.
  3. Search filtering You should be able to filter your search results by your categories & guides.
  4. Marketing – You should share your go live plans with marketing with the goal of crafting go live messaging to announce to your customers. Consider announcing your MindTouch site on your company's blog, social channels and newsletters.
  5. Single sign-on You and your IT resources should have completed your SSO configuration.
  6. Progress demo You and your team should present your MindTouch site to internal executive stakeholders. Specifically, you should focus on engaging senior representatives from product, support and sales team.  Successfully engaging these teams greatly impacts project adoption and success.
  7. Security You should contact both your IT team and MindTouch support to properly configure SSL security.  
  8. Custom domain You should have completed your custom domain configuration.
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