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4.1.2 - User Types and Pro Member Roles Review

Control the tasks users and groups are allowed to perform globally.

User Types controls the tasks Users and Groups are allowed to perform globally. Lets review these as they pertain to privacy types across MindTouch.

Can Community Members ever perform Pro Member Roles?

No. If the user is configured as a Community Member in the control panel, that user will never be able to do more than view and rate pages or leave comments.

  • If you need Community Members to create or edit pages (especially in internal-only sections in MindTouch), you have to reassign them as Pro Members.

How do global Group roles affect global User roles?

Global roles can be applied to either a user or a group via the control panel. If a user is a part of a group, MindTouch grants the higher of the two roles across the entire site. See the following examples below:

how global user roles are affected by global  group roles

Setting site-wide roles is only possible via the control panel. If a user is granted a role at a page level, that role applies to that page only. For more details on the various levels of site privacy, please see our documentation on understanding site privacy in MindTouch.


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