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Create a Custom Classification

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
  1. Navigate to Site tools > Control Panel > Systems Settings > Classifications.
  2. In the Add Classification section, enter a Prefix and Label for your custom Classification.
    The Label will appear above the drop-down menu for this Classification in Page Settings.
  3. If you want a selected Classification to automatically apply to subpages created underneath a page, select the Recursive option.
  4. Click Add Classification to save the new Classification type.
  5. After the Classifications page in the Control Panel refreshes, scroll down to find your new Classification type.
  6. Enter a Tag and Label for each option you want to include with your custom Classification.
  7. Click Add Tag to save each option.

Each Label will appear, in the order they are added, within the drop-down menu for this Classification in Page Settings.

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