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Add and Edit Tables

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor

Add a Table

  1. Open your page in Edit mode.
  2. Click the element dropdown menu and then hover of Table.
  3. Using your cursor, highlight the number of rows and columns you want to appear in your table.
    • You can always add and remove more rows or columns later.

Add Table.png

Enter Data in the Table

  1. Click inside a cell to add data. 
  2. Navigate through the cells of your table as you would with any other editor:
  3. (Optional) Use the buttons on the editor toolbar to add text formatting (e.g. font, size, color), links, bullets, and images.
    • To change the background color of a cell, click on the Background Color icon. To change the background for multiple cells, highlight the cells and click the icon.

Add or Remove Table Rows and Columns

  • Add a Column - At the top of the table column, click the left or right arrows to add columns to the right or left of the cell respectively. 

add column.png

  • Add a Row - At the left side of the table row, click the top or bottom arrows to add rows to the top or bottom of the cell respectively.

add row.png

  • Remove a Column - At the top of the table column, click the X to remove the column.

column - delete.png

  • Remove a Row - At the left side of the table row, click the X to remove the row.

row - delete.png

Access Table Properties

  1. Right-click the section of the table you want to edit to open the context menu.
  2. Select Table properties.

Table Properties .png

Table Property Options

  • Headings:  Add bolded styling to your text in the first row and/or first column of your table.
    • To ensure your tableYou must assign a heading, or the table will not transform to a responsive layout on smaller screens.)
  • StyleSheet Classes:  Apply custom style sheets to change your table's appearance.
  • Caption:  Enter a caption for the table. Captions provide accessibility to users with disabilities.
  • Summary: Enter a summary of the table. Summaries provide pertinent information to users with disabilities who cannot easily consume the information in a table.
  • Make table responsive: Checked by default, this option allows tables to display reader-friendly at smaller screen sizes.

Table Properties Options.png 

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