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Building blocks of the MindTouch hierarchy

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
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► Video: Guided Content Framework

  1. Homepage - Your success Homepage is the top of your hierarchy and consists of a Category page. This homepage is the starting point of the navigation and houses your different subordinate information segments (Categories).
  2. Category - The highest level of content under the framework. Examples of typical categories include product lines or versions, or personas.
  3. Guides - Guides are subsection of a Category. It is the primary place for organizing content in a product line, for example.
  4. Articles - Depending on the specific information you want to relate to your readers, articles contained inside Guides can be:
    • References
    • How-Tos
    • Topics (Topics are unique in that they can contain sub articles - how-tos and references.

Here is an example of what this structure might look like:

Example wireframe of what structure would look like on MindTouch

Video: Guided Content Framework

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