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Download the Content ID report

Written by Ben Terris
Product Analyst at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

The content ID report lists all content IDs and their associated pages. This article walks you through the steps on how to download your content ID report CSV and what you'll find within the report.

How to download the content ID report

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard.

  1. Under Content management, click Content ID manager.
  2. Download the report.

​​​​​If you do not see an option to download these reports, please contact MindTouch Support.

What you'll find in the report

Field Type Description
Context ID string The content ID.
Description string Explains the purpose of the associated content ID.
Language string Language code (Language Culture Name). This field is preset, determined by your instance localization.
PageTitle string Page path, in the format xxx/xxx/xxx/...
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