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Find and replace text on the page

Written by James Calleja
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Need to replace a specific word in your MindTouch content? Spare yourself from scouring lines of text—use the find and replace editor tool. This article outlines the two ways to find and replace text in MindTouch: (1) via keyboard commands and (2) via the editor toolbar.

Use keyboard commands to find and replace text 

To use keyboard commands to find and replace text, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your page in Edit mode.
  2. Click your cursor anywhere on the page inside the editing frame.  
  3.  Use the following commands:
Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F / Command+F Opens the find text search bar.
Ctrl+Shift+F / Command+Shift+F Opens the find text search bar and replace text input field.


Use the editor toolbar to find and replace text

To find and replace text through the editor toolbar, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your page in Edit mode.
  2. Click the Find icon   to find text or click the Replace icon  to find AND replace text.

Find text

Enter text into the search field and click Find (or press Enter) to search through text on the page.


Choose one of the following conditions to specify search results: Case sensitiveWhole word only and Wrap search.

Condition Description
Case sensitive Letter case determines the search results.
Whole word only Search results are determined by the search term as a whole.
Wrap search Determines whether the text search stops at the end of the document or returns to the beginning to search the document again.

Replace text

Use the text search tool to designate the text you wish to replace. Input text into the Replace field and click Replace to replace the text found by the search tool. Otherwise, click Replace all to replace all matches found by the search tool.

Find and replace text in source mode

The find and replace tool can be used while viewing pages in Source mode. To view pages in source mode, click View Source. 

To search for text or code in Source mode, click the Replace icon  to open the find and replace tool.

source p tag.png

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