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Delete a page

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While removing outdated pages seems to be a natural part of content management, consider the implications before deleting pages from your MindTouch site. If you retire a public or semi-public page, keep in mind that users trying to visit the deleted page will be greeted with a 404 page not found.  While Google does not punish you for producing 404s, your users are not served well if they hit a dead end. 

Before you delete a public or semi-public page

  • Consider updating the content instead of retiring the page. If your page is ranked highly in Google Search, you may be better off trying to use the existing Google ranking to your advantage.  
  • If the page receives a lot of traffic and you have alternative or related content, consider putting a manual redirect in place.
  • Retire pages that receive little traffic, but ensure you customize your 404 page to guide users potential areas of interest.

Delete a page

  1. While on the page you want to delete, navigate to Options.
  2. Click Delete.

Image of delete option in toolbar

  1. Confirm whether to delete only the page or the page and all its subpages (children). 

Image of the delete page dialog

By selecting the option to delete all children, all articles under the selected article are deleted. If this option is not selected, MindTouch creates a parent placeholder to replace the deleted article and as not to affect the hierarchy of the subpages.


What's next?

Learn how to restore accidentally deleted pages.

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