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Create and configure a sign-in Touchpoint

Written by Ricky Nguyen
Product Analyst at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article describes how to create and configure a sign-in tool to embed into your web properties and applications.


  • Administrative access to the control panel of your MindTouch site
  • Touchpoints enabled on your site
  • Site configured for HTTPS over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Contextual help configured on your domain

How to create the sign-in tool

Perform the following steps to create and configure your sign-in tool: 

Step 1: Access the Touchpoint toolbox

  1. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Site tools > Control panel.

Screenshot of the control panel option selected in toolbar

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Integrations > Touchpoint Toolbox > Sign-in.
  2. Review the sign-in tool configuration fields:

Screenshot of the sign-in touchpoint configuration dialog

Step 2: Configure the sign-in tool

Enter the following information:

  • Name. Unique name to easily identify the sign-in tool.
  • Host. Host name or domain where the sign-in tool will be embedded. (You may use comma separated host names and wildcards.)

If you want to apply a sign-in tool throughout your site and all subdomains, do NOT enter www.<yourdomain>.com.  Instead, enter <yourdomain>.com.

  • Sign-in redirect path. The URL of the MindTouch page users will be sent to see after signing in. 
  • Sign-in label. The text the sign-in tool will display to prompt users to sign in.
  • Authenticated user label. The text the sign-in tool will display after users have signed in. The variable {{username}} displays the username of the signed-in user.

Step 3: Create the sign-in tool 

Click Add this Touchpoint tool

Step 4: Copy your embed code

When prompted, click Copy code to clipboard  to copy the embed code of your sign-in tool. 

 Screenshot of prompt to copy the sign-in touchpoint embed code

To review your sign-in tool configuration or to copy the embed code later, navigate to System Settings > Integrations >Touchpoint Toolbox Currently enabled Touchpoint tools.

Step 5: Embed your sign-in tool

To embed the sign-in tool into your web page or application, follow the steps outlined in our article on how to embed your sign-in tool.

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