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Introduction to the Touchpoint SDK

Written by Ricky Nguyen
Product Analyst at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article introduces the Touchpoint SDK, its function and use cases to extend content into third-party applications.

While MindTouch provides Touchpoint tools, SDK documentation and general troubleshooting and guidance through MindTouch Support and your Customer Success Manager, you are responsible for your own development resources for any implementation.


What is the Touchpoint SDK?

The Touchpoint SDK (software development kit) is a code library that can be used alone or in conjunction with Touchpoint tools to create your own customized Touchpoint

For an example of the Touchpoint SDK in use, check out the Touchpoint for Zendesk integration.


When to use the Touchpoint SDK

The Touchpoint SDK is only needed when a customized Touchpoint integration is required. Use cases include:

Example use case 

You want to integrate a Touchpoint into your CRM system, in particular into your customer support experience. You research the CRM development environment and are able to develop an application that can show customer insights in the agent view. The customer insights tool is able to find user search and view history by searching for either the username or the customer insights token.

You determine the best way to dynamically pass the customer insights token to the Touchpoint tool is through a support request form on your marketing communication (marcom) site. You leverage the Touchpoint SDK to establish an integration connection and grab the customer insights token. Tying this in with your own written logic, you create the following Touchpoint SDK event flow:

  1. Upon a new submission request, initializes the Touchpoint integration connection.
  2. Grabs the current user's customer insights token and stores it, e.g. in a custom field.
  3. Passes the populated field value along with the user's submission.
  4. Within the CRM, populates the customer insights tool with the field value to retrieve the customer's activity.
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