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About user types

There are three default MindTouch user types with predefined privileges.

Anonymous users - Anonymous visitors who can only consume (i.e. view) public content. These may be potential buyers who seek information about your product and likely found you through an online search. Anonymous users do not have to log in and can view any content you make publicly available. 

Community members - End users who can only consume (i.e. view) public and permissioned content. These may be your customer base that, in addition to public content, may also need exclusive viewing access to pages pertaining only to them. Community members are assigned by a site administrator and need to log in to view exclusive content.

Pro members - Internal users who can contribute to content. These may be your employees who will draft or edit content or administer your site. Pro members are assigned by a site administrator and need to log in to contribute content.

User privileges

  Anonymous user Community member Pro member
Log in
Rate articles
Provide feedback

For a Community member to be able to edit or author content, you must reassign the community member as a pro member in the MindTouch control panel and then assign the appropriate contributor role.

Pro members must be assigned a role. Roles are initially assigned in the control panel but can be overwritten by granting special permissions on pages or entire sections as needed.

For Anonymous users to rate articles, you may need to configure it via your site configurations.

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