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Get to know the dashboard

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The MindTouch dashboard is one of the most useful tools for pro members. With the MindTouch dashboard, administrators and content managers can keep an eye on the success of their content and strategically plan content development to continuously enhance your Google search presence.

To maintain a truly effective and profitable site, it is imperative to run reports on search behavior, user activity, user contribution, site history and help request usage. The MindTouch dashboard easily and quickly lets you access these reports and more. In short, the MindTouch dashboard is your intelligence center on everything related to improving your content for your users.

From the dashboard, you are also able to set global variables in one fell swoop to efficiently update information across your whole site, manage page classifications and tags to implement workflows, create custom header and footer templates to let your brand shine, and to manage templates to allow for a cohesive presentation of your content. Along with these easily accessible tools, use our available search engine optimization (SEO) tools to ensure you are doing everything possible to claim your Google presence above third-party sites and community forums.

In addition, the MindTouch dashboard functions as a navigation node to product documentation, training resources, and onboarding and contact information.

The dashboard interface at a glance

To access the dashboard, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard on your pro member toolbar. The dashboard interface is divided into five management sections:

  • Reporting
  • Content management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Branding

Screenshot of MindTouch Dashboard

Not all links are visible to all pro members. Some links require admin permissions to view.

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