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A personalized launch experience: 21 days to value

How does MindTouch help us launch our site?

Introducing the MindTouch launch acceleration program.

You've just bought MindTouch and you may be overwhelmed. But with the MindTouch launch acceleration program, our team of Digital Strategists works with every customer to launch their site, including your most important product documents deployed in an "MVP" instance of MindTouch within 21 days.

Below is the process followed during your personalized launch experience.

1. Kick off Process - Validate and Refine

In the initial kick-off, we work with our customer to:

  • Update Customer Success Plan: The plan developed during the sales process is refined to reflect the objectives for success for your MindTouch site.
  • Success Map: A "success map" is drawn for the project including deadlines, roles and responsibilities, and contingencies for completion.
  • A training schedule and timeline for deliverables is agreed upon with the customer.

2. Landscape Assessment - content, digital footprint, and technologies

In this step, we get into the details of content, keywords, and structure ensuring that your customers have an intuitive navigation and search experience, and that the content is is optimized for search engines. Based on information from the customer, MindTouch provides the following:

  • Cornerstone Content Map: We map out, specifically, which content should be included in the launch based on the customer's objectives for the site.
  • Keywords Report: Using leading SEO analytics tools, MindTouch provides a report on ranking keywords. The keywords selected will inform, content metadata and the user experience.
  • Information Architecture Diagram: Based on the above information, our Digital strategists will propose how to strategically structure your MindTouch instance 
  • Content import: Following approval of the above, MindTouch will import and quality-check your Cornerstone Content provided in any digital format: HTML, PDF, MS Word, Google Docs, Etc.

3. User Security & Brand Assessment 

  • User and Group Architecture Diagram: We will help you build out your strategy for user and group permissions, including any group integrations required from your SSO IdP.
  • Style Guide Review: "Basic branding" for the launch phase of MindTouch includes a review of your branding style guide. Be prepared to provide logo(s), splash image (if desired), color palette, typography, and iconography (if available).  Our frontend designers will work with your assets to create a site that reflects your brand on day 21.

Talk with your account executive today about the MindTouch launch acceleration program.

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