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Site structure report FAQs

This article contains a list of questions regarding the Site Analysis site structure report. Please be sure to review how to improve content architecture with the site structure report before submitting a request to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Frequently asked questions

Click the links below to view answers to our most frequently asked questions about the site structure report:

► Why is site structure so important?
Proper site structure facilitates an enhanced navigation experience for you and your end users.  Without intuitive navigation, content is not easily accessible—and the hard work devoted to crafting your documentation has gone to waste.

Let the site structure report guide your navigation experience and unlock the potential of your online documentation. 
► How do I find the Site Structure report?
Glad you asked!  Here are the steps:

1. Click Site tools > Dashboard on the top right of the page.
2. Under Content Management, click Site structure analysis
► How do I resolve issues referenced in the report?
The best way to address these issues is as follows:

1. For a given structure issue, click on the page's URL listed under the Location column of the structure report (this directs you to the desired page).

2. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a red tab with the flame icon.  Click on the tab.

3. Within the expanded tab, click the error message link under the Site structure heading

4. A list of errors are populated in a contextual help window.  Expand the desired error message for options on how to resolve.

It might be easier to address category and guide level errors before delving into article level errors.  This top-down approach will help you resolve issues by viewing the site from a more holistic vantage point.
► Why does the error message reference a given article type, but the documentation for that error message references an alternate article type, {Custom}?
You have the option to create custom article types (MindTouch standard article types include: Category, Guide, Topic, Reference, and How-to).  If an error pertaining to a custom article type surfaces, the report will list the error by the name of the custom article type.  The documentation associated with the custom article type will remain labeled {Custom}.
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