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Resolve page-level errors

In addition to site analysis report pages, you can find issues with individual pages on the page level. Once logged on to your MindTouch site, access your site analysis report to get a comprehensive list of pages with page-level errors.

The site analysis report and related features such as page-level issue links are only available to those with admin permissions.


View page-level issues

  1. Click Site tools > Dashboard on the top right of the page.

  1. Click Site analysis under Content management.

  1.  Click Structure.

  1. Click on any pages with reported errors to view the page.


Resolve page-level issues

At the bottom of each page, a message highlights the issues associated with that page. Clicking the issue link (blue), directs you to documentation with explanations and steps for resolving these issues.


Note to user   NOTE:  Once the issue is resolved, the issue message will disappear.


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