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Download the community scoring report

Written by Ben Terris
Product Analyst at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

The community scoring report provides a list of all pages rated by your users. This article walks you through the steps on how to download your community scoring report CSV and what you'll find within the report.

Why should I download a community scoring report? 

  • Review data related to how your users rate your help content. 
  • Investigate data based on your own third-party application's filtering mechanisms.
  • Merge data with data from other reports to build a customized view into your data. 


  1. Administrative access

How to download the community scoring report

Step 1: Download the community scoring report as a CSV file

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard.

  1. Under SEO, click Community scoring.
  2. Click the text "as a CSV file" in the following message to generate the report:

Step 2: Review the community scoring data 

Field Type Description
Title string Title of page.
Path string Location of page, in the format xxx/xxx/xxx/...
Page ID number Unique page identifier.
URI string Page address, in the format
Rating Count number Total number of ratings for a given page.
Rating Score number Average rating for a given page.
Last Editor string Email address of the most recent editor.
Language string Language code (eg. en-US, fr-FR).
Timestamp time stamp

Date of page creation, in the format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

Clock: 24 hrs

Time Zone: UTC

Age (days) number Total days since page was created.
Comments number Total comments posted for the given page.
Files number Total files (including images) attached to the given page.
Views number Total page views.
Revisions number Total revisions to the given page.
Tags string List of all tags and classifications on a given page.
Rating Seated Count number Number of pro member ratings for the given page.
Rating Seated Score number Average pro member rating for the given page.
Rating Unseated Count number Number of community member ratings for the given page.
Rating Unseated Score number Average community member rating for the given page.
Rating Anonymous Count number Number of anonymous member ratings for the given page.
Rating Anonymous Score number Average anonymous member rating for the given page.
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