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View your site history

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This article explains the insight the site history report provides.

Why should I run a site history report?

Site history provides an overview of changes across the whole site. The site history helps you identify when a page was changed, who made the change, and so provides a quick overview of how your site has changed. Site history captures specific events that occurred on the site and displays them chronologically. If multiple events occurred in the same day to a page, then an expandable link will provide further information. By default, MindTouch loads only 500 revisions, but as you scroll down and hit the 500th revision, an additional 500 revisions will load in place. 

The site history report

The site history report is broken down into several columns. The Title column displays the date of the event and a clickable title with path. The report further displays the time of the event. If multiple events occurred on the same day, the event collapses into one row. Clicking (more) display all events that took place for the time period. The Author column let's you know who made the changes. Clicking on the display name brings up the user contributions associated with that user. The Revision summary displays a short summary of changes.

site history.png

What's next?

Find out which events are captured in the site history report.


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