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Usage report

Track the amount of requests processed on your site via the usage report. The usage report allows you to gather daily metrics displayed in a graph over your license period.

Why should I run a usage report?

  • Administrators can see if they are staying within their allotted license usage and gauge how MindTouch is being used. 
  • Company executives gain insight into the value their company creates with daily reporting on usage.
  • Success managers can obtain metrics for measuring help delivered to your users, i.e. HelpRequests.

How do I use the usage report?

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard.

  1. Under Reporting, click HelpRequest usage.
  • Usage to date. How many HelpRequests your MindTouch site has used to date.
  • Annually Licensed. How many HelpRequests you are licensed for.
  • Projected Usage. Your projected usage of the license YTD.
  • Start date. Your license start date.
  • End date. Your license end date.
  • Graph. Displays licensed (try to stay as close to this line as possible) and actual usage visually.

How does this report compare to the Google Analytics reports?

You may see higher numbers in the MindTouch usage report than in your Google Analytics report for three reasons:

  • Along with page views, MindTouch also tracks PDF views and searches to provide a more comprehensive MindTouch help experience insight.
  • You may have set up IP filtering in your Google Analytics account. These requests are not filtered with HelpRequests.
  • HelpRequests are a more thorough and direct analysis of the usage of your MindTouch site based on data directly from our API. Google Analytics do not track API usage.

How can I download HelpRequest data?

Download your HelpRequest log.

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