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MindTouch Dashboards for Google Analytics

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Why should I set up a Google Analytics dashboard?

Your MindTouch site will drive a wealth of traffic from all areas of your business. This includes your customers, partners, colleagues, management and more. Each stakeholder plays a different part in the success of your site and will ultimately measure themselves differently. It's important to keep multiple perspectives in mind when analyzing your MindTouch success.

For instance, you may look at MindTouch to:

  • measure your investment (executive)
  • confirm your team is executing objectives (director)
  • identify high impact tactical steps to improvement (contributor)
  • measure the impact of your knowledge (support manager)
  • educate prospects (sales)
  • seize the market (marketing)


Which MindTouch dashboards are available?

MindTouch monitors Google Analytics via two dashboards: the Manager Dashboard and the Author Dashboard. Familiarize yourself with the information each dashboard provides and click the links to install below:

Dashboard Includes Example

Manager Dashboard

Use this dashboard to measure the overall performance and growth of your MindTouch site, specifically from the perspective of your customers.

  • Returning users
  • Geo-location (regional)
  • Top traffic channels
  • Device usage
  • Top social channels
  • Total users helped
  • Engaged users
  • Avg. reading time
  • Articles read per session

Author Dashboard

Use this dashboard to identify how to systematically improve the performance of your MindTouch content. Regular improvements to your content over time mean that you can reach, help and educate more customers. 

  • Avg. reading time
  • Articles read per session
  • Top 5 articles to improve
  • Top 5 articles to create (MT Search)
  • Top 5 articles to create (Google Search)


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