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Find out how your users rate your content

What is the community scoring report?

The MindTouch community scoring reports details how users rate articles on your site and helps you gain insight into which articles are helpful for your users to become successful.  


Why should I use the community scoring report?

  • Look for trends. Determine whether your most popular content may be related to having been recently updated or to trending topics based on newly released features.  
  • Prioritize content efforts. Based on of page views and scoring, concentrate your efforts on articles that should be doing well, and determine whether articles adhere to KCS standards.


Where do I find this report?

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard.

  1. Under SEO, click Community scoring.


How do I view results for a specific query?

You can enter a specific search query to filter the results of your report. For example, if you wanted to see how users rate content pertaining to a specific product, enter the name of your product to only display results for articles that contain that keyword. 

community scoring search query.png


What does the community scoring report do?

Details about scored content are textually and graphically represented:

  • Pages with ratings. The number of articles (total or filtered) rated by users.
  • Average quality score. The average positive score received on all articles (total or filtered).
  • Unrated pages. The amount of unrated articles.
  • Page count.  Graphical displays the number of pages rated for a specific score range.




Sort articles alphabetically by clicking the up and down arrows in the table header. 

The page listing displays the following details:

  • Page.  Displays the page title (hyperlinked to the actual page) and parent.
  • Rating. Displays the overall rating for the article.
  • Votes. Shows the number of people who have rated the article. 
  • Last edited. Shows the date the article was last edited. 
  • Views (binocular icon). Shows how often the article was viewed. This count includes pro and community members, as well as anonymous users.
  • Edits (pencil icon). Shows how often the article was edited. 

How do I download the data in the community scoring report?

Learn how to download the community scoring report.

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