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Analyze site usage with the usage report

What is the usage report?

The usage report provides insight into how your site's success is impacting your licensed HelpRequests. Depending on your MindTouch license, you will have a different limit of HelpRequests assigned to your site.

Why should I use the usage report?

Keep an eye out on your HelpRequest usage. If your actual usage exceeds your baseline licensed usage, congratulations! Your customers are vigorously self-serving. Consider contacting you customer success manger to upgrade to a higher-level license.

Where is the usage report?

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard.

  1. Under Reporting, click HelpRequest usage.

How do I use the usage report?

The usage report consists of the following:

  1. Usage to date: How many HelpRequests have been generated on your site since the start date of your license.
  2. Annually licensed: How many HelpRequests available to you in your license.
  3. Projected usage: How many HelpRequests you are calculated to use by the end of your license date.
  4. Start date: Beginning date of your license.
  5. End date: End date of your license.
  6. Chart: Compares your sites actual HelpRequest usage with your licensed usage amount.
  7. Channel table: Lists the different channels that generated HelpRequests for your site.
  • Web help: View and search article/PDFs
  • MindTouch contextual help: View and search within a contextual help box
  • API: Any custom requests that have an origin
  • mt-custom-search: Custom configured
  • mt-zendesk: Custom configured
  • dynamicsearch: Custom configured.
  • Total: Total count of HelpRequests from the above list.

Learn how to download your HelpRequest logs.

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