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Contextual help button Touchpoint

The contextual help button Touchpoint is an easily embedded integration that provides a contextual help button in your web properties and applications. Users can use this Touchpoint to access your authoritative MindTouch product documentation or help content anywhere, anytime.

Currently, contextual help buttons cannot be branded. If you want to use custom styled buttons, we recommend using the contextual help Touchpoint instead.

How users experience the contextual help button Touchpoint

  1. Users on your site or in your product have a question can see and click a contextual help button.
    Screenshot of a contextual help button
  2. An interactive pop-up window displays the page you designated during setup and users have the option to browse further:
  • Back.  Displays the page that previously viewed in the contextual help dialog.
  • Forward.  Displays the next page viewed in the contextual help dialog.
  • Home.  Takes users to the home page of your MindTouch site.
  • Open article.  Opens the current article inside your MindTouch site in a new tab or window.
  • The search bar allows users to search your MindTouch site for additional content.

This image shows the contextual help tool v2.

Conditional Content cannot be displayed in a Contextual Help window.

Learn how to create, configure, and embed Touchpoints in your web properties and applications.

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