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Touchpoint for CRMs Overview

Written by Ricky Nguyen
Product Analyst at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article covers high-level practices to integrate Touchpoints into your third-party customer relationship management (CRM) or ticketing system. 

Although MindTouch provides the code you need to embed Touchpoints into your platform, you must conduct your own research on how to integrate with your third-party environment and you must provide your own systems integrator to create the integration. The systems integrator may be yourself, an in-house engineer or an outside resource.


What is the Touchpoint for CRMs?

The Touchpoint for CRMs is a custom collection of Touchpoints designed to provide customer insights to your agents in your CRM and ticketing systems to better answer customer service requests.

Why should I create a Touchpoint for CRMs?

Integrating MindTouch Touchpoints into your CRM or ticketing system provides the following benefits:

  • Insight into customer behavior. Support agents gain valuable insight into the user behavior of customers who are submitting tickets.
  • Targeted ticket resolution. Support agents are better equipped to answer customer questions, provide meaningful direction and close tickets faster.
  • Self-service opportunities. Customers will be more satisfied with their experience and have opportunities to learn, self-serve and engage.
  • Content quality control. Content managers gain insight into which documentation is lacking in providing help to customers.

How do agents experience the Touchpoint for CRMs?

A custom Touchpoint integration may look different for every platform, but the following Touchpoints solve for typical CRM and ticketing system use cases:

Not all of functionalities are available out of the box. These recommended integrations can be accomplished with Touchpoints in addition to some development and configuration, resulting in complete integrations such as the Touchpoint for Zendesk.

The customer insights experience

Agents can learn about a ticket submitter's MindTouch view and search history right from inside their ticketing system window:

Screenshot of customer insights in Zendesk

The search-in-place experience

Agents can search your MindTouch site from within the ticketing system to find relevant content and link content to a support ticket response:

Screenshot of search in place inside Zendesk

The publishing experience 

Agents can systematically mark and organize tickets to allow for the creation of new content when necessary:

Screenshot of publish solution in Zendesk

The complete experience 

The below image is an example of how the preceding Touchpoints look inside of a CRM or ticketing system window:

Screenshot of touchpoint tools in Zendesk

MindTouch vs. systems integrator responsibilities

The below delineates the responsibilities of MindTouch and the systems integrator:

The systems integrator may be yourself, an in-house engineer or an outside resource.


  • Provides the Touchpoints code
  • Provides the Touchpoints configuration options
  • Maintains the Touchpoints code and quality assurance

Systems integrator

  • Provides parameters such as default search terms, customer ID, etc.
  • Provides custom behavior, such as what happens when "link to case" is clicked
  • Responsible for research of the CRM integration process
  • Responsible for understanding the unique platform ecosystem
  • Responsible for any needed custom development efforts to integrate Touchpoints into a CRM environment
  • Responsible for any testing and quality assurance needs

Which Touchpoints should I use?

The table below lists the typical Touchpoints used for a CRM integration:

Touchpoint Description
 Allows users to authenticate from any web property.
Customer insights Shows your user's MindTouch search and viewing history. Requires an API token to pass user data into your ticketing system.
Search-in-place Allows users to search your MindTouch site from any web property.

While these Touchpoints are traditionally used within a ticketing system integration, you are not bound to them. Determine your own needs and select the appropriate Touchpoints to fit your use case.

If you are interested in exploring the Touchpoint SDK for an integration, please talk to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Prerequisites for creating a Touchpoint

  • Admin access to your MindTouch site
  • Admin access to your third-party ticketing system or CRM
  • Understanding of the ticketing system's integration or development environment. 
  • A developer resource to create the integration (in-house engineer, SI, etc.)

Components of an integration

MindTouch provides the components to make an integration possible, namely Touchpoints and an API token.

Integration points

There are two (2) integration points for integrating Touchpoints into your ticketing system:

  1. Embedding your Touchpoints into your ticketing system interface.
  2. Configuring your ticketing form to pass through user data via a token.

The diagram below shows the two integration points marked by </>:

Graphic showing the Touchpoints integration points with ticketing systems.

You will need to conduct your own research on how to implement the MindTouch components at these two points. Click here to see an example of how we accomplished this with Touchpoints for Zendesk.


Have general questions?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have general questions about Touchpoint integrations.

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