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Introduction to Touchpoints

MindTouch Touchpoints are easily embedded integrations that facilitate a customer's online journey. Touchpoints allow you to connect your product documentation to your customers and agents at very specific moments anywhere on your web properties or applications. With the right set of embedded Touchpoints, your customers and agents can click a link or button, sign in to your MindTouch site and enter a search to access your product documentation.

Currently available Touchpoints include:

Where can I use Touchpoints?

Touchpoints can be embedded in any of the following:

  • On any of your web pages
  • In your marcom (marketing communications) assets
  • Inside your applications (in-product)
  • On your e-commerce pages
  • In your ticket systems and CRMs
  • On your forms
  • In your blogs
  • In your social media channels
  • In your community forum
  • On your MindTouch site

Why should I create Touchpoints?

Touchpoints help your customers and agents succeed not only post-sale but also during research and validation micromoments. In short, use Touchpoints to take advantage of the power of your product documentation to jump-start a low-effort, self-service strategy and impact the following:

  • Customer engagement. Provide additional product help when users are trying to educate themselves or solve a problem on their own (support site).
  • Upsell opportunities. Suggest additional products or add-ons as customers are buying a product (e-commerce site).
  • Brand engagement. Provide additional details on functionalities to turn users into product experts (support site or in-product).
  • Technical validation. Make product information easily available to potential customers who are researching your product (marketing site).
  • Sales execution. Offer last-minute product information to customers who are about to abandon their shopping carts (e-commerce site).
  • Product adoption. Provide additional details on functionalities to give customers the opportunity to become successful product adopters  (support site or in-product).
  • Agent enablement. Empower your support and sales teams with access to the most current and relevant solutions.
  • Knowledge management. Identify and close self-service documentation gaps.

What if I'm using Salesforce, Zendesk or SAP?

If you are using a Salesforce, Zendesk or SAP platform, go here for more information:

How do I get Touchpoints?

Not sure your licensing package includes MindTouch Touchpoints? Here's how to find out:

  1. Fetch your MindTouch licensing package.
  2. Review how many Touchpoints you are entitled to use.
  3. Don't see Touchpoints included in your licensing package? Or want more? Contact your customer success manager.
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