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Integrate MindTouch into your help desk or CRM system (legacy)

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Unsupported! Content on this page is not supported by MindTouch. Please search our Success Center for supported content.

Although MindTouch officially supports integration with help desks and customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce, SAP Service OnDemand and Zendesk, we want you to be able to fully leverage the integration benefits of MindTouch no matter what platform you use. Integrating MindTouch into your help desk or CRM system allows you to search your product and help documentation right from within your help desk or CRM system and to drive content creation into MindTouch.  This article reviews how to set up integration MindTouch into your help desk or CRM system.

Note to user  NOTE:  This documentation/integration isn't commercially supported by MindTouch.  

Configure the SDK

  1. Download the MindTouch help desk and CRM system software development kit (SDK). The SDK includes sample code that you can tweak to tie into your MindTouch installation.
  2. Extract the ZIP file and open the folder. The folder contains three files:
  • helpdesk.html
  • helpdesk.js
  • helpdesk.css
  1. Edit helpdesk.html and find the following line:
MindTouch.URL = ""; 
  1. Change the highlighted URL to your MindTouch site.

important note   Use the HTTPS address for your site to avoid mixed content errors when embedding in an application.

  1. Open the helpdesk.html file in your browser.
  • In the Search MindTouch block, pass a parameter to automatically force a search. Set the query parameter in the following line:
MindTouch.DefaultSearch = 'test';

Note to user  NOTE:  Manually enter a search query, and the search results automatically update to correspond to the search query.

  • In the Post to MindTouch block, pass additional parameters such as the name of the article that will be created, contents of the article that can be a fixed variable or custom HTML, or tags.
  MindTouch.DefaultTicketTitle = 'New Article';
  MindTouch.DefaultTicketBody = 'Body of new Article';
  MindTouch.DefaultTags = "tag1, tag2, tag3";
  MindTouch.DefaultTicketHtml = 'Custom HTML can be added here to override the Ticket Body';
  1. Click Post Article to post the content to your MindTouch site. Once you have the functionality configured, embed it in your help desk or CRM system to fully leverage your MindTouch content.

What's next?

This steps above provide a starting point for building out a custom integration. Should you need help integrating your software, reach out to MindTouch Support to determine the level of support they may provide for you.

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