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Configure a "Request an Article" workflow (legacy)

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article outlines how to create a form you can implement on your MindTouch site that allows your customers to provide additional feedback on current articles or request a new article.

This is a legacy integration. To integrate with our latest technology, visit our Touchpoint for CRM guide.


Although these steps can be completed by just copying and pasting all the provided code, to modify the form HTML and CSS experience is required.


How to create a "Request an article" workflow

Step 1: Import the article request page

  1. Download the request an article.mtarc
  2. Navigate to the page where you want your form to live.
  3. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Options > Import here.
  4. Navigate to the downloaded MTARC and import.


Step 2: Verify your form

You should see the following page imported into your MindTouch site:


Step 3: Access form configurations

  1. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Site tools > Control panel.


  1. Under System Settings, select Integrations

system settings_integrations.png

  1. Under Workflow Configuration (legacy), expand the Request Article Button Behavior section.

geniuslink configuration_request article.png

Step 4: Configure your form

  1. Enter a URL for the Button Destination. This can be your home page or you can create a custom thank you page.
  2. Check the Send Email checkbox.
  3. Enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the Email Recipients section. (You can enter multiple emails separated by a comma.)
  4. In the Subject section, enter the following: 
Article Creation Request: {{SUBJECT}}

Note to user  NOTE:  The Subject field can contain data from the form by including the name of the input field with double curly braces (example: {{INPUTNAME}}).  

  1. In the Email Body section, enter the following HTML code:
<b>Article Creation Subject:</b> {{SUBJECT}} <br/><br/>  
<b>Article URL:</b> {{URL}} <br/><br/>       
<b>Category:</b> {{ISSUE}} <br/><br/>                 
<b>Submitted By:</b> {{NAME}} ({{EMAIL}}) <br/><br/>         
<b>Description:</b> {{DESCRIPTION}} <br/><br/>

Note to user  NOTE:  The Email Plain Text Body field does not allow for HTML elements.

Step 5: Test your form

  1. Fill out all the required information.


  1. Verify the user whose email address you entered received the following email:


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