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Use MindTouch Paths in contextual help

How to use paths with your contextual help tools

To use paths in conjunction with your contextual help tool or contextual help button tool, perform the following steps: 

Create your path

Follow instructions for creating a path

Find your path's URL

  1. Navigate to the Site tools > Dashboard > Path manager.
  2. Locate the path you want the contextual help dialog to display.
  3. Click the path's link (in the Title column).

  1. In the Edit path dialog, locate the path's URL.

Link to your path

  1. Open the page to which you want to add the contextual help window in Edit mode.
  2. Create the text to be linked. 
  3. Highlight the text and click the Link icon  in the editor. 
  4. In the Link dialog, enter the path name in the Link to field: @lp/name_of_path.
  5. Under Link options, select the Open in F1 overlay radio button. 
  6. Click Save link.

What's next?

Learn more about MindTouch Touchpoints.

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