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The rendered MindTouch Path

Written by Theresa Manzo
Product Manager at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Once you've created your MindTouch Path, you have a choice to embed the path either on a page or in a guide or to display the path in a contextual help window. Use the rendered examples of embedded paths in this article to evaluate which method works best for you content strategy. 

The rendered path on a page

An embedded path maybe rendered on a page showing only the link of the path (along with the path summary and the number of pages in the path) or as an expandable link. 

The path rendered as simple link

The MindTouch Path in read-only view is displayed without its pages displayed underneath it. 

The path rendered as expandable link

If you choose the Show pages option, the MindTouch Path displays with the same expand/collapse functionality as in a guide tab.

Screenshot of a collapsed path

Clicking the plus icon will show the pages in the path.

Screenshot of an expanded path

The rendered path in a tab

In the guide, MindTouch Paths are by default rendered with only the path title, the path summary and the number of path pages to save space.


Clicking the plus (+) next to the path title displays the path's pages.



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