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Introduction to MindTouch Paths

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This article provides an overview of MindTouch Paths—what they are and when to use them.

What are MindTouch Paths?

MindTouch Paths is a tool that allows content strategists and managers to create a guided learning path for users to follow. Already existing articles (that can live anywhere on the site) can be arranged in sequential order inside of a collection of articles and embedded as links, widgets or in guide tabs. 

How do I use MindTouch Paths?

The MindTouch self-organizing content framework structures your articles in a logical hierarchical order so that finding and relating information is easier. But what happens when you have a user story that doesn't quite fit into a hierarchy structure? What do you do when you need to tell a story based on a persona or on very specific sequences of actions? Paths allow you to gather and order articles that live anywhere on your site to drive a focused, intended result without having to duplicate content.

What do MindTouch Paths look like?

Depending on where your paths live and which path solution you opted for, they initially may look a bit different. Expanded, whether on a page or in a guide, paths look similar to the image below. Once the first article is clicked the experience is the same. 


What's next?

Create a MindTouch Path experience
Follow this path step-by-step to create a MindTouch Path experience for your users.
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