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Delete a MindTouch Path

Written by Theresa Manzo
Product Manager at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Follow the steps on this page to delete a MindTouch Path.

To find all the pages your paths are embedded on, enter script:mt-learningpath-widget into the search bar.


Navigate to and delete a MindTouch Path

  1. Navigate to Site toolsDashboard

dashboard selected on the toolbar.png

  1. Under the Content management section, select the Path manager link.

  1. In the path manager, find the path you want to delete.

  1. Click the X in the row of the path you want to delete.

  1. Click OK to confirm deletion of the path.


Once deleted, a learning path CANNOT be brought back.


What's next?

Accidentally gave a MindTouch Path the wrong path name and now need to fix it? Read our documentation on how to change the URL of your MindTouch Path.

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