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Create a general template in MindTouch

MindTouch comes with a list of default page templates, but you can create additional custom templates to leverage in your content.
  1. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Site tools > Dashboard.
  2. Under Content management, select Template directory.
  3. From the MindTouch toolbar, select New.  
  4. Enter a name for your template in the Title field.
  5. Add your template content (formatted headers, text, author instructions, etc.) and click Save.

Template management tips

  • For ease of template management, you can create a blank template (for example, Template:<Your Company Name>) under which to create your template groups and templates.
  • Do not make changes to any of the templates in the /Template:MindTouch hierarchy. MindTouch templates are overwritten weekly and any changes made to templates in that hierarchy are unsupported and may break your site.

Use a custom template

  1. On the page where you want to reference your template, open in Edit mode.
  2. From the Editor toolbar, select Style > DekiScript.
  3. In the DekiScript container, enter a reference to your template and click Save.
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