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This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

MindTouch allows you to create custom templates to ensure standardization of your content and allows you to streamline the look and feel of your pages. Users with access to the dashboard can create whole page templates, content templates or general purpose templates. Templates can be assigned as either Default, New Page or Content templates.

Templates are initially created as Default templates. If you want to change the template type to either a New Page or Content template, you must edit the template properties. The selection you make controls how templates are made available to your authors. 


Default templates

Default templates are referenced by other templates for inclusion, but aren't surfaced in the Templates or New dialogs. Default templates are mainly used for developer or branding efforts.  

New Page templates

New Page templates appear as page template options in the New dialog. The use of New Page templates ensures standardization of your content and consistency in look and feel across your site. New Page templates are most often used for FAQs, best practices and any other pages that may require specific layouts or significant formatting.


Content templates

Content templates are useful when you want to frequently reuse sections of content (especially carefully formatted content) throughout your site. Content templates are most often used for formatted notes, etc., but may also be used for reusing paragraphs that can then be individually edited. For example, phone manufacturers could create a content template for "Device Power Options" to be inserted into articles about different types of phones. Content templates are accessed by clicking the Templates button in the editor toolbar.

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