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Add preset page options to your New Page template

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Every time you create a new page with a custom New Page template, that page automatically inherits the template's page settings, i.e. article type (category, guide, topic, etc.), classifications and tags. Configuring page settings at the template level will not only save time, but also ensures that important page settings are not overlooked.

Updates to templates will only affect future pages. Updates will not apply to pages that were created with a prior version of the template.


Assign page settings to your New Page template as follows:

  1. Navigate to your Template: directory.
  2. Locate the New Page template to which you want to assign specific page settings.
  3. Open the template by clicking on the template name.

  1. Change the page settings and click Save.

  1. All new pages created from that template will inherit the template's page settings.

Only templates with the New Page type can inherit page settings. To change the template type, read our article on how to edit template properties article.

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