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Use Guide tabs to display articles

MindTouch structure dictates that articles exist within guides. By default, MindTouch displays articles within guides in alphanumeric order by URL. Guides allow further organizational control through the use of guide tabs. Guide tabs can surface articles alphanumerically by:

Create your guide tabs

  1. Click the  Plus (+) icon of the tab pane.    

create tab in guide icon.png

  1. Select the tab by which you want to display your articles and click Add new tab.

tab options in Add new tab dialog.png

  1. The guide tab now surfaces the specified articles. 
  2. Click the Edit icon to rename the tab.

 rename tab icon.png

Types of Guide Tabs

Featured articles

The Featured articles tab reveals articles according each of the following categories: Most Popular, Highest Rated, Recently Added, and Recently Edited.


In a Classification tab, articles which correspond to the chosen classification are listed alphabetically by URL.

Article directory

The Article directory tab lists all articles within the parent guide alphabetically by page title.

Tag directory

The Tag directory tab lists all articles alphabetically by tag; untagged articles are listed separately above other articles, and are visible only to Pro members.

Topic hierarchy 

The Topic hierarchy tab displays topic pages alphabetically by URL. Subtopic, or child pages, are displayed beneath their parents, also in alphabetical order by URL. Up to five subtopic pages will be revealed by default; additional subtopic pages can be revealed by clicking the ellipses below the fifth subtopic. Note that only Topic articles are displayed in this tab.


The Path tab is used to display any path or paths you choose. By default, Paths are listed in the order in which they are added to the tab, although they can be reordered easily via drag-and-drop.

Single Tab View

Depending on your site architecture, some guides may require only a single guide tab to display the articles within. In Page Settings, authors can select one of two Guide Listing Display options: Single or Tabbed view. 



Single view removes the tab UI from the page for a simpler presentation of the listed articles.



Tabbed view displays the traditional tab UI. 


Create Custom Classification guide tabs 

For further control over the display of articles within Guides, you can create custom classification guide tabs

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