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Simple category display

Why would I choose a simple category?

You've created your category and are now debating on whether to display your category in simple or detailed view. Whatever decision you make, consider your users' search experience. Above all you want your users to engage with your site and to look forward to coming back if they have additional questions. You may have to conduct some A/B testing to find out which search experience your users prefer. At the same time, design considerations may inform your choice as well. If you only want a representative image and the title of your category title displayed to your site users, choose the simple category for your top-level navigation:

simple category view.png

Configure your category as a simple category

Follow these quick and easy steps to create your simple category:

  1. Expand Page Settings.

page settings expand icon.png

  1. Select the Simple radio button.

simple category view selected.png

  1. In the Page Settings dialog, enter all other necessary information if you haven't already done so.
  2. Collapse the Page Settings dialog.
  3. Navigate one hierarchy back on the breadcrumb trail to view your simple category (in our case Home).

navigate to home page from simple category.png


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