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Move a page

How does MindTouch handle moving pages?

Whether you are re-organizing or completely restructuring your site, eventually you will be moving pages, guides or even whole categories in MindTouch. Once you have made the decision to move a page, you likely wonder what will happen to your page URL and all the links you created in your pages to increase your Google search presence. But not to worry, MindTouch has you covered. MindTouch allows you to move your content intuitively and quickly, and what is even better, MindTouch automatically redirects the page URL and all your links. Whether you move a page up or down, or across hierarchies, MindTouch will keep the integrity of your links intact. So, all you have to worry about is where the pages should live so that your users are helped most effectively. Naturally, you can always stop a redirect if you need to make changes to that page.

If you choose to move a page, be aware that MindTouch will also move all subpages belonging to that page.


How to move pages in MindTouch

  1. Select Move from the Options drop-down menu on the MindTouch toolbar.


  1. Select the new location by either:
  • browsing your existing hierarchy (Browse tab) 
  • searching by keywords (Search tab)

Pages are moved beneath a selected location. (In our case, content is moved underneath Support Plan FAQs.

  1. Confirm the current location under Original path.
  2. Confirm the new location under New path. (Remember that the last path component will be the new parent of the page.)  
  3. Enter a new title in the Page title text field if you decide to rename the page.
  4. Click Move page.

Additional notes

When moving a page that contains more than 10 subpages, we strongly recommend allowing the system approximately 5-10 minutes to fully process the move before modifying the recently moved page or any of its subpages. While the user interface may report that the single page has been fully moved, please note that the system may still be processing related sub-pages. Allowing the system this additional time will help ensure automatic redirect management is successful while retaining the integrity of your links. In addition, it may take over an hour for the search index to update and reflect the change in path.

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