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Display articles in guides

Written by Lily Moessel
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

To facilitate content organization articles in MindTouch guides are segmented in tabs that have to be created. By default, MindTouch allows you to organize and display articles by most popular, highest rated, recently added, and recently added. You may also create guide tabs that surface articles based on classifications (default and custom classifications), alphabetical listing, tags and by topic pages. 

Create your guide tabs

  1. Click the  Plus (+) icon of the tab pane.    

create tab in guide icon.png

  1. Select the tab by which you want to display your articles and click Add new tab.

tab options in Add new tab dialog.png

  1. The guide tab now surfaces your specified articles. 

new topic hierarchy tab in guide.png

The Topic hierarchy tab only surfaces topic articles, not how-tos or references. To surface how-tos or reference, use the Featured articles or Article directory tabs. Any articles that live underneath your topic page are displayed underneath the topic they live under.

  1. Click the Edit icon to rename the tab.

 rename tab icon.png

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