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Add custom classification guide tabs

Written by Lily Moessel
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Guide tabs are the only way to display the pages contained within a guide. If you have created custom classifications to help you distinguish certain content by parameters unique to your organization or workflow, you can surface this uniquely identified content in your guide via custom tabs.

MindTouch currently does not support template or scripting customization of guide tabs.


How to create custom guide tabs

Step 1: Choose your custom classification tab

  1. Click the  Plus (+) icon of the tab pane.    

create tab in guide icon.png

  1. Select the Classification option and click Add new tab.

new classification tab selected.png

  1. From the drop-down menus, choose the Classification and Type of the pages you want to display in that tab. 

new classification tab.png

  1. Click Apply changes to display any pages with the specified classification settings.
  2. Create additional custom tabs as needed. 

Check the Page Settings to ensure the page is properly classified. 

Step 2: Rename custom guide tabs

Your custom tabs can be renamed to customize the user experience. To rename a tag, click the Edit icon next to the tab name and rename as appropriate:  

 rename icon on custom tab.png

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