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Add a topic page

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article outlines how to add topic pages to your MindTouch site.

When would I use topic pages?

In MindTouch, topic pages provide an opportunity for content managers to organize related articles and for users to visit all relevant articles in one location. Treat topics as you would chapters in a book. Use topics to describe your product, use cases and benefits.To emphasize a concept and to more deeply connect with your users and provide more value, add visual elements and notes or tips.

How to add topic pages

Step 1: Create a new topic page

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, click New.


The new page dialogued will appear.  Only the legal page templates will be made visible. 

  1. Select the Topic template.
  2. Depending on whether you want to create the page live or as a draft, select either the Create live or Create draft radio button (you will be able to publish the draft to your live site later) and click Create.

Step 2: Add content to your topic page

  1. Title your page. 
  2. Replace text with your content.

Do not remove the "Tags recommended by the template . . ." line the bottom of the page. This line determines how the page structurally behaves in MindTouch.

  1. If applicable, add images, videos or tables to enhance your content.
  2. Click Save.

The MindTouch editor is similar to other document creation applications you've used in the past. Use the editor to bold, italicize or edit your text as you would normally perform in a document creation application.

Step 3: Configure topic page settings

  1. Expand Page Settings (above your new title).
  2. Hover over the Add page summary field to display the page summary icon  . 
  3. Click the page summary icon and enter a page summary.

topic page settings.png

The page summary is not only the first paragraph that is displayed on your page, it also is the description that is displayed in MindTouch and Google search results, so make sure to include valuable keywords.

  1. Make sure that Article type is set to Topic
  2. If you have not yet set up any custom classifications, set a Stage value to help you later identify articles in certain stages of your workflow. 
  3. Apply appropriate Tags to your article. (You must hit Enter after entering each tag.)

Tags determine the articles MindTouch recommends at the bottom of your page, so keep tags consistent. The more tags articles have in common, the more likely they will be considered related and thus be recommended.

Step 4: Publish your topic page (if a draft)

If you created your page in draft mode and are ready to publish the page to your live site, click Publish.


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