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Import more than 300 pages

Written by James Valent
Director of Support at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

You have just received your MindTouch site, set up your first users and authentication, and configured the appropriate restrictions. Now it is time to import your content. If you have more than 300 pages of content, your import is considered a large content import.

Large content import options

If you're looking to import a large amount of existing content into MindTouch, you have two options:

Leveraging the MindTouch API

The MindTouch API provides a robust and flexible solution for pushing content into MindTouch. If you have a resource available to you that is experienced with working with APIs, feel free to review our API documentation below:

MindTouch API Documentation

Leveraging professional content management resources

Are you looking for a resource to directly help you with a larger import? Leveraging professional content integration resources allows your team to save time while reducing iterations throughout the import process. There are several resources with an in-depth working knowledge of the MindTouch API available to you. Please contact Customer Support or your Account Manager for an introduction to an experienced service provider.

Have fewer than 300 pages?

If you have content of fewer than 300 pages, read our documentation on small content import.

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