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Translate your site

As your business expands and you make plans to break into foreign markets, you necessarily are concerned with your foreign web presence. Translating your MindTouch site is a major strategic move for international expansion. Whether you are partnering up with international businesses or targeting a foreign customer base, translating your site allows you to expand your customer success model into foreign markets, so that even your international stakeholder and customers can easily self-serve and access your product help documentation.

Translating your site involves both localization (the automatic conversion of sections of the MindTouch user interface into other languages) and translation (the programmatic conversion of your MindTouch articles into other languages) to ensure a seamless self-service experience.

We strongly recommend a separate MindTouch instance for each foreign site.


Translation begins with the localization of your MindTouch user interface. Fortunately, this is easily done with the help of MindTouch Support. Get a head start on your translation process by requesting a new, localized MindTouch instance.  Visit the following links for additional details about localization:


Once you have your localized MindTouch instance you are ready to begin translating your help content.  MindTouch currently supports two translation methods (both in early release).

Option 1

Export for translation. Please review our recommended translation workflow:

Translation workflow
This is the recommended process for translating your MindTouch site.
Pages: 3
Option 2

Automate translation with the MindTouch API:

How to set up your automated translation workflow
This path provides steps for automating translation via the MindTouch API.
Pages: 5


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