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Translate your site

As your business expands or you move into foreign markets, your content and documentation strategy will evolve to support a multilingual web presence. Translating your MindTouch site is important to expand your customer success model into foreign markets, so that your international stakeholders and customers can easily self-serve and access your product help documentation.

Translating your site involves both localization and translation to ensure a seamless self-service experience:

  • Localization - the conversion of sections of the MindTouch user interface into other languages
  • Translation - the conversion of your MindTouch articles into other languages

Multilingual site setup and SEO

A separate MindTouch instance should be set up for each foreign site. Separate instances for each language make administration easier and, most importantly, have a significantly positive impact to SEO:

  • Dedicated instances can be associated to regional parent domains so that Google quickly associates the relationship.
  • All search engine benefits directly connect back to the regional parent domains to give an optimal boost.
  • Google recognizes the site language and uses correct language stemming to deliver best search results.
  • Regional data integrity helps identify SEO opportunities.


Translation begins with the localization of your MindTouch user interface. If you already have instances planned for regional sites, request a new, localized MindTouch instance from MindTouch Support. If you are planning a for a new regional site, contact your MindTouch Customer Success Manager.  

Visit the following links for additional details about localization:


Once you have your localized MindTouch instance you are ready to begin translating your help content.  MindTouch currently supports two translation methods (both in early release).

Option 1

Export for translation. Please review our recommended translation workflow:

Translation workflow
This is the recommended process for translating your MindTouch site.
Pages: 3
Option 2

Automate translation with the MindTouch API:

How to set up your automated translation workflow
This path provides steps for automating translation via the MindTouch API.
Pages: 5


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