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Editorial comments for peer review

How to add editorial comments

When authors have created articles, they will want feedback from their peers on how to improve those articles. Leveraging editorial comments, your authoring team can set up a peer review workflow for just that purpose. 

Before you solicit feedback on your documentation, make sure to subscribe to your pages to receive notifications on the page so that you receive an email if someone leaves an editorial comment. 

Peer review workflow

  1. Subscribe to your authored page.
  2. Send page links of your authored pages to your peers.
  3. Have peers provide feedback by adding comments. To add a comment, users must open the page in Edit mode and go to  Styles > Comment.
    MindTouch Editor Comment
  4. When reviewers Save,  you will receive an email notification similar to the following:

Editorial comments are only shown in edit mode and are not indexed by the search engine. 

  1. Reviewed the comment and make necessary changes.

  2. Delete the comment to indicate completion of the change.

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