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Draft Authoring Workflow

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Using an authoring workflow has never been easier in MindTouch. With the ability to create drafts, you can always evolve and update the documentation so critical to your users' success. Depending on your workflow, you may identify additional roles. The most important roles for your authoring workflow are the draft contributor, the author and the editor.



Authoring roles

Use the legend in the top right to identify at which points the roles take part in a cohesive team effort to create, update and deprecate articles. The creation of an article likely starts with your draft contributor(s) (typically your content writers). When an article is ready to be written or needs to be updated, the draft contributor(s) associated with the project will draft the most valuable information to your users. Once a draft is ready for review, your author(s) (typically your team leads and project managers), can review the articles set for review. Lastly, the editor(s), who manage the content, can publish it when ready.

Status classifications

We highly recommend using the "Status" classification workflow so your documentation team knows what stage each document is in. This would mean creating your own custom classifications. Use the following classifications for the most effective workflow:

  • Draft:  A draft is being created and written.
  • Review:  The draft is ready for review by team leads or project managers.
  • Edit:  The article is ready for final review and edits by the Content Manager.
  • Published:  The article is published and exists live on your site (no draft exists at this point).
  • Update:  The article is outdated or requires an update.
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