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Authoring workflow without drafts

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Although MindTouch strongly urges to use an authoring workflow that uses drafts, there are use cases that do not allow for draft authoring. If a company's workflow does not support drafts, MindTouch allows for an alternate workflow. 

In MindTouch, only pro members can create or edit content, no matter how you ultimately draft or author content. To protect your content, community members can only view content, not author or edit it. 


Set up your non-draft workflow

  1. Create a  section (e.g. "Content In Progress" — do not name the section "Drafts" as that name could easily be confused with MindTouch draft pages). 
  2. Set that section to Private so that Google cannot index and non-permissioned users cannot find. 
  3. Add your users as Viewer in the control panel. At this point, they cannot make any changes whatsoever. 
  4. Create a group (or several groups) with Viewer permissions.

Groups must be configured on the SAML IdP side if SAML is enabled, or groups will not persist.

  1. Add your users to the newly created group.
  2. In the pages or sections in which you want the user group(s) to create or edit content, permission that group (via Options > Restrict access) as Author
  3. Have editors and contributors subscribe to pages so that they are notified of changes.
  4. Create new content to the private section as live pages. 
  5. Optionally use custom classifications such as "Edit," "Review" or "Publish" to indicate a page's workflow status and manage pages via the page classification manager
  6. Once content is approved and edited, move content from this private section into live sections. 
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