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KCS Practice 2: Structure

The techniques for KCS® Practice 2 encourage a simple article structure. Recording information during interactions leads to efficient knowledge-capture that improves readability and findability.

Technique 2.1: Use a Simple Template
KCS Method MindTouch Capability
KCS prescribed structure Mindtouch templates include headings, structure, and field definitions to guide authors to capture the right information.
Improve value through relevant links Recommended articles - Related content links are automatically generated to provide continual pathways.


Technique 2.2: Complete Thoughts, Not Complete Sentences
KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Capture at or near the point of interaction Draft workflow - Allow users to author or edit articles in draft mode until article is validated for publishing.


From the Consortium for Service InnovationRead more about Practice 2 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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