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KCS Practice 1: Capture

The techniques for KCS® Practice 1 are designed to collect user perspective based on the requestor. Important user information can include the user's description of the issue, the environment, root cause, and the resolution.

Technique 1.1: Capture Knowledge in the Moment
KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Search early, search often Interact with MindTouch functionality and content through various system or web integrations. Read about the search-in-place Touchpoint.
Real-time knowledge creation Authoring through MindTouch Touchpoints - Agents can create articles on-the-fly while helping customers. Read about the Touchpoint for Salesforce.


Technique 1.2: Capture the Requester's Context
KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Record user context MindTouch templates include headings, structure, and field definitions to guide authors to capture the right information.
Capture self-service activities Usage report - MindTouch reporting records how content is being consumed.


Technique 1.3: Searching is Creating
KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Search terms are sample content for improving or creating KCS articles Search report - See search queries and click-through metrics.
Ensure collective experience is captured Site activity report - Provides insight on what parts of the site are seeing the most activity and then content can be optimized accordingly.


From the Consortium for Service InnovationRead about Practice 1 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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