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Brand with HTML

What is Custom HTML?

With the release of MindTouch Responsive, new techniques were needed for dealing with the limited bandwidth available to mobile devices. One way to resolve this issue was to remove the loading of the custom header and footer templates from mobile view. Because these templates are not loaded in mobile, any custom scripting would not be applied either.

To ensure that your custom scripts work in all views, the Custom HTML feature was added to the Control Panel. This new feature was named Custom HTML and not Custom Scripts since you can add more than just <script> tags inside of it. Admins can navigate to this area by clicking on Site tools in the user navigation bar at the top of the site, then clicking the Control Panel link. Once in the Control Panel, click on the Custom Site CSS link located under Branding.


Use Custom HTML

There are two text boxes available for Custom HTML: Page HTML Head and Page HTML Tail. The only difference between the two is where the script is placed in your site's HTML.

  • Page HTML Head will appear before the closing </head> tag at the top of your HTML document. This section is meant for scripts that need to load before the content of the page loads; such as the MindTouch Web Font JavaScript API which loads third party fonts. It can also be used to link to additional CSS files or adding custom <meta> tags. Any valid HTML that can go inside the <head> tags will work. Remember that each additional script that is added here will block the loading of content on the page and should only be added if it's absolutely necessary.
  • Page HTML Tail will appear after the closing </body> tag at the bottom of your HTML document. This section is meant for scripts, such as website analytic tracking codes, that don't need to or shouldn't load until the rest of the content has. If the script is not necessary for the rendering of the page, then it should be in this section.
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