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Header elements in the user interface

Headers are located at the top of a MindTouch Responsive site and contain the custom header and site logo.

Header colors and options change based on the user viewing it.


Custom header

Not always used on every site, the custom header section pulls in the content of a custom header template located at /Template:Custom/Views/Header.


Site logo

Located in the upper left of the header area, your site logo can be uploaded in the control panel. 

As pro member, navigate to Site tools > Control panel > Branding > Logo & Icons and upload any of  the following file types: GIF, JPG, PNG or SVG.


If uploading an SVG, be sure to use a CSS rule set to limit the maximum width since SVGs do not have a default height and width. The following CSS limits the size of the site logo responsively by using ems which measure character width and not pixels.

.elm-header-logo-container img {
    max-width: 20em;


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