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Smart Content Editor

The MindTouch editor is a familiar WYSIWYG interface that is robust and easy to use. This editor has been built so that your peers who are unfamiliar with topic based authoring can come in and easily build content while still offering the robust strength of an XML publishing tool that your content strategists desire. The editor is revealed when you create a new page OR edit a page and looks like this out of the box:

Editor tools




Editor Toolbar
Save and Cancel
  • Save saves the page. 
  • Cancel exits out of the editor and abandons any changes you have made.

Who is editing?

Found in the bottom-right corner of your editor. See who else is editing the document you are working on. It refreshes every 5 minutes or you can click "check now" for a live update.


Undo your last action.

Redo your last action.

Select a heading level to apply to the text or select the heading again to fall back to the base level. Each level has its respective formatting that can be controlled at a global level via CSS.
Bold Bold selected text.

Italicize selected text.

Underline selected text.
Text Color

Change the text color for the text that you've selected. 
Background Color

Highlight selected text. 
Remove Format

Remove all of the formatting from the selected content.

Insert/Remove Numbered List

Add or remove a numbered list to your page.
Bulleted List

Add or remove a bulleted list to your page.

Align Left: The selected content is aligned with the left side of the article/column (most used).

Center: The selected content is aligned in the center of your article/column.

Align Right:  The selected content is aligned to the right of your article/column.

Justify: The selected content is aligned to the left and will extend to the right of the article/column. Your words will not wrap.

Increase/Decrease Indentation

Increase or decrease the indent of selected content.


Insert a link into the page.

Insert an image within a MindTouch page. For more information about inserting an image, see add an image.


Embed tables by clicking on the Table icon and selecting the number of rows and columns you want. From there, select Table Properties and apply additional formatting and structure to your table. Right-click the table and change cells, rows and columns. 

For more information about inserting a table, see add and edit tables.

Find and Replace

Find a word or phrase on the page. You can also choose to replace matches of that word with another word(s).
Editor Menu
Edit The edit menu contains the basic actions your authors can use within the editor.

Paste: Paste cut or copied content from your operating system's clipboard.

Paste as plain text:  Paste formatted text as plain text to remove any formatting.

Paste from Word:  Paste Microsoft Word content to translate Microsoft Word content to HTML. Further review may be required to ensure the desired effect has been achieved.

View The view menu allows authors different ways to see the content they'll be editing.
Source View and edit the HTML source for the page.
Show blocks
See the content blocks in WYSIWYG mode in order to better identify the HTML structure and format of your content.
Format The format menu contains tools that allow authors to change the way selected text looks like.
Font Change the font for selected text. You can also add new fonts or control them globally with CSS.





Regular text

Remove format

Strikethrough: Strikes a line through selected text. For example: these words.

Subscript:  Add a small letter or symbol below a line. E.g. writing the chemical compound N2

Superscript: Add a small letter or symbol above a line of text. E.g. writing equations 2= 8

Code: Insert a code block or apply a code block to selected text.

Regular text: Exclude selected text from being parsed by the editor.

Remove format: 

Insert Horizontal Line Create a horizontal line across your entire MindTouch document.
Insert Special Character Insert special characters into your documentation.
Page Break Insert a page break to force text onto the next line. 
Content reuse content_reuse icon.png Open the Content reuse dialog in which to specify the reused page path and section. 
Font Size

Change the font size for selected text.

This sets the text to be a superscript of other text.

Insert a code block or apply a code block to selected text.
Regular text Exclude selected text from being parsed by the editor.

Definition List

Add a definition list to your page. Hitting enter/return after a definition term adds the styling for the definition description.


The Styles drop-down menu provides the following style options:

  • None: Default to the normal style in the editor.
  • <pre>Format: Add a <pre> block around the content and apply additional formatting.
  • Blockquote: Apply a block quote around the selected text and apply corresponding formatting.
  • Comment: Insert an inline comment that is only visible to the editors and authors of the page and is hidden from the viewers. Use to provide guidelines for the styling and formatting of the content, comments contain meta data for the author and date when the comment was last edited.
  • Conditional Text (Anonymous only): Insert a block of text that is only shown to visitors who are not logged into MindTouch if the page is public.
  • Conditional Text (Community-Member only): Insert a block of text that is only shown to Community Members
  • Conditional Text (Pro-Member only): Insert a block of text that is only shown to Pro Members.
  • DekiScript: Insert a DekiScript block to add and update DekiScript.
  • JavaScript (JEM): Add JavaScript to a page. The JavaScript can leverage jQuery (shipped with MindTouch) or standard JavaScript.
  • CSS: Add a CSS block that only applies to the page it is embedded on.
Anchor Set an anchor in your document that allows you to link to that point from another location in the document. 
Insert Video

Embed a YouTube or other video through this option. For more information on how to embed a video, see add a video.


If you have templates that are marked as content templates, they will be surfaced through this Templates dialog. From here, select a template and inserted into a page.  
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