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Edit a page

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This article reviews how to edit content with the MindTouch editor. 


Have editing permissions in MindTouch

What can I do with the MindTouch editor?

The MindTouch editor is a standard text editor, that allows content managers to perform the following:

  • Format text and paragraphs
  • Insert tables and media 
  • Reuse content
  • Add CSS, DekiScript and JavaScript
  • View the source file
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Add paths
  • Apply templates

How to edit content on a page

 To edit content on a page, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Access the editor

  •  Navigate to the article you want to edit.
  • On the MindTouch toolbar, select Edit

Step 2: Edit your content

Edit the content as necessary. 

Step 3: Leave an edit summary (recommended)

As best practice, leave change notes for other editors or yourself. Navigate to the bottom of the page and enter text into the Edit summary text field.

Edit summaries can be viewed in a page's revision history (MindTouch toolbar > Options > Revision history).  

Step 4: Save your page

When you are ready to save the changes you have made, click Save.


Additional information

Automatic saving

By default, MindTouch autosaves pages every 25 seconds in case your browser crashes or computer restarts so that you can return to the page and pick up where you left off. 

You change the interval to suit your specific editing needs. 

Word count

At the bottom left, the editor displays how many words and characters your article contains.

word count.png

What's next?

Learn how to enhance your document and add tables or images.

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